Who We Are?

After many years spent in the logistics sector, we have established Unique International Transportation company in 2015, based on the motto “Nothing is impossible”, and aiming to offer the quality, warmth and trust of “Niche” service to all our customers by producing individual solutions for each of our customers rather than classical forwarder services.

Unique International


Our aim is to be a reliable business partner in transportation.

On this road we walk together with our young, dynamic, excited, expert family staff; we share the same warmth, sincerity and dynamism with everyone, and we are experiencing the excitement and happiness of growing our family day by day with confident steps.

Our most important value; our customers adopt us not only as a company providing logistics services, but also as a reliable business partner…

Quality Policy

Timely and Versatile Response

Unique International Transportation family, which is very well established in air, sea and land transportation, customs clearance, lashing, is able to answer all your requests in a timely and versatile manner.

We have the capacity to serve all over the world, thanks to our wide and reliable agency network, by adopting our sensitivity in choosing partners in the country as well as abroad.

We are able to provide the best and most accurate service as a result of the ability to track and control the loads with the same precision from the exit point to the final point.

With our wide, alternative agency network, we are working diligently to offer our valued customers fast, economical and reliable service by blending them with our ethical rules.

Our Vision

To continue to grow as the pioneer of trust and sincerity in cargo transportation between Turkey and the world by changing the perception of customers in the sector with our service understanding in European standards instead of a developing country company policy.

Our Mission

Instead of being at the opposite table with sincere and realistic solutions, instead of the list service and list price policy adopted in the Logistics sector in Turkey, we are right next to our customers, producing together the appropriate offers and saving time and money and making all our customers experience the comfort of “NICH” service.